Fire Rebuild Topping Out by Michael Cobb

Section Illustration 3.jpg

The Glen Ellen Fire Restoration project was “topped out” recently with a prominent canted roof form capping the main living space of the house A big thank you to Chapman Construction for their attention to detail and their persistence through the wet winter. This canted lid is intended to address several functional requirements.

  1. A loft above the main living space that overlooks the pool.

  2. A strong sun breaking visor for the homes southern orientation toward the pool.

  3. A mount for a building integrated photovoltaic system (BIPV) that will to be installed on a standing seam roof.

The recent fires have placed an emphasis on fire resistance and on-site power generation in their wake. Metal and stucco are two materials that were prevalent in the area prior to the fire and are seeing increased use in its wake. The clean lines and simple palette of this building should represent a good approach in this environment and we are looking forward to monitoring the progress of our own integral color stucco along with metal roofing and windows.

Exteriors Landscape Architecture has done the design work around the salvaged pool and we are looking forward to seeing that manifest. In previous projects it has been my experience their work is a vital and softening compliment to the time we spend making the building a simple affair that is fundamentally livable and build-able. I really enjoyed working on this residence with my fellow architect-in-crime, Robert Beall.


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