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Village Station

Village Gardens is an 8.7 acre infill site that was previously seen by the Design Review Board in 2004, 11 years ago.  The site plan received approval, went through public works for approval as a 102 unit ownership row house project along with 8 live/work row houses facing Sebastopol Road where internal private streets, site infrastructure, sidewalks and site utilities were approved and built.  The Goals of the Design Review Guidelines are to increase connectivity, improve modes of transportation, and if possible enhance landscape and social areas to foster an improved social experience.  Engaging the residents and community at large starts with a rebirth of what happens on Sebastopol Road. By creating a project that engages with work live at Sebastopol Road as well as with courtyard for the residents and private patios with low walls that foster conversation, the project will be a place that encourages its residents to engage with each other. The courtyards are the center of social activity, with the garages facing out to the private street, which are relieved with a dynamic corner openings, where parking, landscaping and a sidewalk system intersect, pulling visitors and residents into the courtyards.

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