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Ingrid Anderson
Ingrid Anderson

Since joining Hedgpeth Architects in 2015, Ingrid has been a project manager and architect for numerous major multi-family projects in our office.  She sees architecture as an act of social contribution, a unique life path where each project is a vehicle of cultural expression, presenting the designer with an opportunity to strengthen communities and give character to neighborhoods. The focus of her work at Hedgpeth has been in multi-family housing located in priority development areas and in affordable publicly and privately funded projects.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Rice University, where she was awarded a full fellowship to the graduate program, as well as an Ars Baccalaureate degree from Bryn Mawr College in the Growth and Structure of Cities, focusing on the History of Art, Architecture and Urban Design.   

Ingrid embraces the firm’s philosophy that architecture, like parenting and teaching, is an optimistic endeavor.  She collaborates with city and county agencies to implement public policy and legislation, and seeks ways to use her insight into zoning and building codes to maximize the potential value of projects for our clients. With the Hedgpeth design team, Ingrid endeavors to create pragmatic planning and architectural solutions that have a sure sense of refined composition and an enduring aesthetic.

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