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Warren J. Hedgpeth
Warren Hedgpeth


Warren Hedgpeth, beloved founder of Hedgpeth Architects, passed away in 2022.

The firm, with all employees, seeks to honor the work and contribution that Warren made to the community and continue the firm under the new name Anderson Hedgpeth Architects.


Warren Hedgpeth received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon in 1977.  He also studied fine art/sculpture and biology, where beauty and life were favorite subjects.  He received his California Architect’s license in 1983, founding his firm that same year. His commitment to strengthen community through meaningful design, addressing human needs and heightening client expectations. Hedgpeth has strived to be thoughtful about the limited resources we now have and seeks to preserve the environment by practicing effective land use. Housing has been a key focus, Hedgpeth believes that the quality of a city can be defined by how it addresses housing needs, both creating market and affordable projects. Engaging the community by serving long term on housing task forces, economic subcommittees, the Design Review Committee of Santa Rosa has informed Hedgpeth.  By being deeply involved in land use policy, land acquisition; the innovations that can spring from it are heightened.


Warren believes Urban Density and environmental health in the natural world are inseparable. He understands the principles of human dignity and land stewardship come from creating a collective team work environment. His staff have, in many cases, enjoyed decades of design exploration and permit documents being completed based on the site context and the project potential addressing larger issues than architecture.  Hedgpeth has been a lifelong student of fine arts and is an abstract expressionist painter. 

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